Lacrimation surgery (DCR, intubation of the lacrimal passages)

A major cause of patients with lacrimation is blockage (blockage) of the tear ducts. Indeed, the lacrimal passages are blocked at the bottom of their path and the tears can no longer be evacuated to the nose. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) involves creating a passage between the lacrimal sac and the nasal cavity. Sometimes associated with a narrowing of a canaliculus. This then complicates the surgical procedure to be performed and decreases the chances of a good result.

Operative techniques and results: To treat this anomaly, three possibilities are currently offered, with in each the possible installation of a silicone probe which will be left in place for one to several months:
Perform a surgical dacryocystorhinostomy by the cutaneous route: It consists in putting the tear sac into communication with the tear sac with the nasal mucosa. During this procedure, a piece of bone is removed.
The intervention can be performed under associated local anesthesia, often reinforced, or sometimes under general anesthesia. The chances of success are great.
Perform a surgical dacryocystorhinostomy with endonasal approach: This heavier technique aims, among other things, to avoid a skin scar. Its principle remains the same: to achieve permanent communication between the lacrimal sac and the nose, but passing through the interior of the nose. It is only possible if your nasal cavities are suitable.
The chances of success are still variable, but seem, with experience, to obtain the same success rates as the dermal route.

Lacrimation pathologies are managed in conjunction with the Lacrimation Clinic (Sainte Elisabeth Namur), which is a multidisciplinary Ophthalmology – ENT management center for lacrimation


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